The Scorpion was the first KF Comics series created on It follows Nico Retolovan as he becomes the hero Scorpio and fights The Meddler.
Personal Project 2016- "The Scorpion" TRAILER 1

Personal Project 2016- "The Scorpion" TRAILER 1

A Trailer for The Scorpion


Nico Retolovan's parents are killed in a plane crash at a young age.


The Meddler after surviving an explosion.

Later in his life, his private jet with only his girlfriend on it is blown up. He creates a supersuit allowing him to avenge his girlfriend, Jade Williams. He calls himself Scorpio and kills Vick Davo, who planned the bombing, but fights Trigger in the process, who blows up the house. Scorpio narrowly escapes and decides to put his powers to good. He becomes a superhero, and has short encounters such as Puncher. Afterwards, Martha Walker becomes his new butler, and quickly become's Scorpio's assistant. Trigger attempts a kidnapping, bringing Nico onto a secret Flying Fortress, hovering above the city. Nico escapes, enraging Trigger's employer. Much later, after averting a bank robbery, Scorpio is attacked by Trigger. Scorpio overcomes him and forces information out of him about his employer, "The Meddler" He then kills Trigger. Martha after discovering Trigger's outcome is disgusted by Nico's actions and makes him vow to not kill again. He later scouts out some coordinates Trigger gave him, and finds the flying fortress again. This time he encounters The Meddler as he's about to try to enslave Mathog City. Scorpio stops him, blowing up the ship and sacrificing himself in the process. The ship crashes into Retolovan Tower, and this event becomes known as 'The Scorpio Incident.'

The epilogue shows Martha revealing Nico's identity as Scorpio, and Nico watching the event on TV at a beach.