Nightmare, AKA Martha Walker, is a vigilante who used to work for Nico Retolovan/Scorpio. She uses her expert deductive abilities to take down crime syndicates in her hometown, Mathog.


Martha had a fairly basic life, and she had always expert deductive abilities. When Sam Littolite, Nico Retolovan's former butler, died, Nico put adds out in the paper for a new butler. Martha applied, and she became his butler. However, very quickly she discovered his alter ego as Scorpio, and worked with him as the person helping out at home. She would help coordinate using his suit cam, and just be there to help out. She was also the one who advised Nico to not kill, in order to make himself better then the rest. After The Scorpio Incident, she inherited Nico's property.

Superhero Career

After the Scorpio Incident

Once Scorpio had died, She decided to fill the superhero void in Mathog by becoming Nightmare. She felt obliged due to her advanced deductive abilities. She fashioned electrically charged gloves and a metal staff, that can be charged by the gloves.

Before Scorpio's Return

Martha met a woman named Remedy Parks, who she fell in love with and later married. Remedy soon became involved in Martha's superhero life, and moved into the Retolovan Mansion. Nightmare fought villains such as Lawless, Labyrinth, Mask Master and Golddagger during this period, while also stopping street level crimes.

Scorpio's Return

When Scorpio returned, Nightmare originally thought it was Mask Master in disguise, and knocked him out to try to expose him. When she saw that there was no seams in the "costume" she realised it must be him. When he came to and explained the events from Dat Tahn Cua, she forgave him for not being around for the past two months. When Scorpio was shot by Labyrinth, she continued to fight crime in Mathog while he was healing.

Working with Scorpio

Once Scorpio was healed, they worked together to fight enemies. When The Wasp emerged, they worked together to catch and imprison him.


The Death of Nightmare


When The Wasp escaped prison, he captured Nightmare and brought her to Captain Power's Mansion. When Scorpio arrived, The Wasp killed Nightmare by impaling her with one of his arm-blades. He then dropped her over the cliff, and into the ocean.

After her Death

Coincidentally, Martha's son was born to her wife Remedy as she died. This son was named Max Walker, taking on the last name of his deceased mother.

Nightmare's death was also what caused Remedy to cut ties with Scorpio, and move out of the Mansion, as she blamed him. This idea was passed on to their son Max as well, later becoming the villain Maximus. Her death was also the reason Scorpio became isolated, and began killing street level criminals and staying low.


  • Expert deductive abilities
  • Metal staff
  • Electric Gloves