Doctor F was a genius scientist who formally worked for Chemical Fusion Research Laboratories but was then kidnapped by The Meddler to conduct experiments.


Natalie Feldman was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, USA. She quickly became very skilled in the area of genetics and biology. This got her hired at CFRL, where she was stationed in the Human Genetics Lab. This is where she met Aaron Macovic, a fellow scientist in the same field.

Interactions with The Meddler


While The Meddler was consolidating power, he came across Natalie and Aaron, and decided to kidnap them via brainwashing. He gave them the identities of Doctor F and Doctor M, respectfully. He then put them to work on the Agents of The Meddler project, where they experimented on Agent Vanish, Agent Super, and Agent Chi Ken. During this time they reached major breakthroughs in giving humans superpowers and cloning.


Once The Meddler enacted his final plan to take over Mathog, Scorpio infiltrated the airship. This resulted in the airship exploding, causing the deaths of Doctor M and Doctor F. Also lost in the explosion was all of their groundbreaking research in Human Genetic altering.

Abilities Edit

  • Genius-level intellect, focused in Biology