Chi Ken was a Kung-Fu instructor kidnapped by The Meddler to be cloned and create an army of foot soldiers.


Chi Ken was born and raised in Midtown Mathog. He gained a great admiration for Kung-Fu, and spent most of his time training. He eventually created a dojo and ran it as the head master.

Agent of The Meddler


One day, Chi's dojo was destroyed by an explosive from Agent Vanish and Super. They knocked him out and kidnapped him upon orders from The Meddler. He was then experimented on by Doctor M and Doctor F. They managed to successfully clone him, to create a small army of foot soldiers for The Meddler.

Agent Career

There were 60 clones of Chi Ken made. The original Chi underwent such strain that he went mentally insane and was exiled. Scorpio then found him in a warehouse below The Meddler's airship, and as soon as Chi began to spill secrets, his headset electrocuted him, which killed him. When Scorpio infiltrated the airship, he fought his way through many of the clones. However when the airship exploded, all of the clones were killed, putting an end to the life of Chi Ken.


  • Head Master of Kung-Fu
  • Small Business Owner
  • Can tie a cherry stem with his tongue
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Chi Ken being kidnapped

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The original Chi Ken's death